About Route 23 Tours

Henry Trail

John Henry (not to be confused with the Folk Hero of the same name) is the proprietor of Route 23 Tours. What does an owner of a tour business entail? Well, you might say you have to be someone that can wear multiple hats, from selling trips, to doing the administration, to new tour creation, to marketing, to guiding and leading tours. In addition to that you have to know the bus business as John has over 18 years of experience in the bus and transportation industry. He’s been a driver, a dispatcher, and a salesman. Just don’t ask him to fix a bus; that is not his strong point.

When John is not working on new trips or speaking with customers, he’s more than likely hanging out with his wife Sara of 24 years. If he’s not with his wife or on a bus tour, he’s taking a walk or riding his stationary bike listening to Johnny Cash.  His hobbies include watching football (High School, College, and NFL) and he loves history. His favorite food is Thai and Mexican food is a close second. His all time favorite movie that he has watched at least 100 times is Braveheart. FREEDOM…

John is also a devout Christian. He loves people of all walks of life and wants to always know their story. Customers are like family to him. His goal for Route 23 Tours is to create community through travel. It seems to be working as many new friendships are being forged through these unique experiences. John looks forward to seeing you on the next trip!

Our Mission

To provide our customers with first class customer service, affordable pricing, and opportunities to raise money on exciting trip experiences, or to join us on one of our exciting trips.

Our Services

We are experts in providing both day and overnight Bus Tours to Casinos, Sporting Events, Theatre, Special Events and the most sought after destinations throughout the Midwest. We specialize in creating Bus Fundraisers to help schools and organizations raise money and in creating great trip experiences you can join through one of our Travelers groups.

Our Business

Route 23 Tours was brought into existence because we saw a need to create a business that would raise money for our customers, generate interest in local businesses, and to create great travel opportunities for people on a tight budget. We’re about creating community through Travel.

Our Commitment

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. Route 23 will always go the extra mile for you and your group. We are committed to your safety and overall travel experience.